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...about Heaven and Hell.


Fact #1: Lucifer is not Satan

'Lucifer' means 'the morning star', i.e. Venus. Early interpreters thought that the name was being applied to Satan in the Bible, but they misunderstood the reference. It's actually applied to Nebuchadnezzar.

Fact #2: There's Another Kind of Fallen Angel

As well as the angels who followed Satan, there are also the angels who were sent down by God to instruct the children of Adam and Eve. They fell in love with mortal women, engaged in sex and produced offspring. The offspring are the race of giants or nephelim mentioned in Genesis 6. These fallen angels are known as the evil Watchers or Grigori, and suffer appropriate punishments for their lapse.



Fact #3: A Legend about the Tower of Babel

The Tower was built by King Nimrod with the aid of the giants or nephelim. It took a full year to climb to the top. Standing on the top, King Nimrod and his courtiers were able to shoot arrows right into Heaven. The arrows fell back to Earth dripping with blood; the blood of angels. Nimrod and his courtiers were appropriately punished. The giants, who had got into the habit of eating human beings, were finally wiped out in the Flood.

Fact #4: Satan Did Not Exist until the New Testament.

In the Old Testament, there is a 'satan' who serves God in the role of accusing angel. But 'satan' is not a name; the word means 'adversary', and this satan-angel is merely a kind of Counsel for the Prosecution.

Fact #5: Hell might be in Heaven

Hell is not necessarily down below. There's one version of Hell which locates the domain of punishment, torment and fallen angels inside Heaven itself. This Hell or Gehenna lies in the Northern regions of the Third Level of Heaven (or the Third Heaven).

Fact #6: Satan Let Off!

According to St Jerome and several other early Church fathers, Satan will eventually repent. He will be pardoned and allowed back into Heaven to take up his old position again. (This prediction features in the background world for Ferren and the Angel.)

Fact #6: The Number of Angels in Heaven

There are 266,613,336 angels in Heaven. Before the Fall of Satan, there were 399,920,004. If you wanted to know.





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