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Bruno says:

I was born in Haarlem (The Netherlands). Met a kiwi in Amsterdam, married her in New Zealand and moved to Australia to bruno photowork for Allen & Unwin to make great books like Worldshaker.

(Hey, you say the nicest things, Bruno!)

One thing he forgot to mention - he's very very tall!

Bruno is responsible for the lettering and layout on on the covers of Worldshaker and Liberator. That sounds simple, but a huge amount of thought goes into it --and Bruno came up with something very distinctive.

Here's the Worldsahker lettering all by itself:



And here's the lettering for Liberator--similar effect.

They fit the mood of the book, don't you agree? Sort of grand and imperial - and steampunky.

Bruno used the same look for the chapter numbers. Surely the biggest chapter numbers ever! Massive and implacable, like the juggernaut itself.

And if you like the layout of the book as a whole - the dramatic red inside covers, the facing all-black pages - well, Bruno's the hidden talent behind all of that. I think he did a brilliant job. I hope the content of the book is special, but I know for a fact that the visual appearance is!





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