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Eiko Ojala



Eiko says:


I born in Estonia and live here in Estonia right now. I have been drawing ever since I remember. My father was a architect and he really liked what I did. After a few schools I started to work as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator which I enjoy a lot more. I few years ago I took a year and half off and traveled around Asia and Pacific, which is when I met Bruno. Now I'm back home and planning new travels. Working with Worldshaker illustrations was big fun for me and I really enjoyed drawing them.


(Estonia is on the Baltic Sea, opposite Finland and Sweden. Not surprising that Eiko in the photo looks rugged up against the cold!)


Richard says:

I've never met Eiko, though I hope to some day. It was strange working with someone across 15,000 kilometres distance. Sarah, my editor at Allen & Unwin, was in direct contact with Eiko - I made suggestions indirectly.

The first thing I scanned and sent was a sloppy sort of sketch to show how I thought the juggernaut ought to look. Like this -

richard's sketch

Very vague and wispy, just as you'd expect from someone whose hand never seems able to imitate the images in his mind. For a while, it was difficult for Eiko to form an idea from the sketch, but when he did, he produced this little beauty of an image:

the juggernaut

(Not actually in that colour, but I thought it was time for a bit of variety.) Incredible, how he gathers infinitesimally small details and incorporates them into his artwork - for example, the town that the juggernaut is not quite rolling over, in the bottom left hand corner. Check it out in close-up!

For Liberator, he did more wonderful images, of the Imperialist juggernauts that converge to fight the ultimate battle against the Col and Riff and the Filthies. The images are all on the Great Juggernauts pages.

It's great fun checking out Eiko's fabulous cutaway diagrams in detail - I swear you can see every lump of coal and every hoof of every sheep!! . go to diagrams





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