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Cathy Larsen



Cathy Larsen:

The True Life Story


Cathy was born in Rockhampton QLD, but never lived there - the family moved to Clermont, Caboolture and Longreach in QLD, then on to Armidale NSW and Mildura VIC. She did art at the Tech in Mildura and discovered the thrill of graphics.In 1978, she moved to Melbourne and has been a Melbourne gal ever since.

She worked at Penguin for over 20 years, designing covers for many of Penguin's best-known writers, such as Bryce Courtenay, Isobelle Carmody and Ian Irvine (see the display on the left - or, below, a sample spread guarded by Sashiko the fighting Siamese). A couple of years ago, she went freelance - which is why Allen & Unwin were able to snap her up for the Song of the Slums cover!

(Here she is above, paying a call on Dr Who)

She lives in South Yarra with 3 cats, one Siamese, one half-Siamese and one Black Oriental (meaning, also part Siamese!)

Her email is


Now for the test:- PICK THE COVER BY CATHY LARSEN (answer below)

Tricked ya - they all are!


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