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In the universe of Wolf Kingdom, an army of wolves has overrun the world. Now the Wolf-King, Grince I, rules from his Iron Castle in the city of Grinceburg. Grince is a tyrant and his soldiers are bullies, who treat all humans as slaves.

But there’s a secret behind Grince’s power, a reason why these wolves can talk and think and walk on their hind legs like no other animal.

Here’s a wolf-soldier in full military armour:

The only humans outside the wolves’ control are the Free Folk. They’re an outlaw band under the leadership of Hooley Dan.  Their hideout lies in the middle of Eld Forest and looks like a sheer-side lump of rock from the outside. Inside, it’s hollow and honeycombed with caves.

The Free Folk launch small raids against the wolves, but the dream of one day defeating their brutal rule seems a long way away.

The first two books are ESCAPE! and UNDER SIEGEpublished by Omnibus/Scholastic in June 2008.

The final two books are RACE TO THE RUINS and THE HEAVY CROWN appearing in August. Every book contains an adventure you can read on its own, while each adventure links in with the other stories of the quartet.


Here's a wonderful review of Escape! and Under Siege from READING TIME.

"What a magical treat for young readers. Here are the first two books of adventure fantasy that are Robin Hood styles of tale. The wicked ones are an army of wolves led bu the evil General Krang while the goodies are the Free Folk who live in the forest. The young heroes are Tam and Nina, who are assisted by a magical belt that camouflages anyone who wears it and a magical bag that loves to eat metal. These stories are fast paced and immediately appealing. Just like the metal-eating bag I sat and gobbled up each one at a sitting and wanted more. Richard Harland is on a winner with these tales. Age: especially for primary schoolers. Don’t miss out." JC

That's what I call a positive review! And here's Fiona Purdon on Escape! in the Brisbane Courier-Mail:

"Escape! is a fast-paced 83-page book with interesting characters and a satisfying story which is written in short chapters and illustrated by Laura Peterson to encourage young readers, especially boys. Even though this book is aimed at early readers from nine years of age, I have to confess that it is so well written that on more than one occasion I sneaked a peek at the remaining pages because I wanted to know what would happen next." (Courier-Mail)

Love that last little bit!

The WOLF KINGDOM world is the fourth in the Fantastica series. Earlier quartets have been written by best-selling fantasy authors Kim Wilkins, Fiona Mcintosh and, most recently, Ian Irvine. Ian's quartet The Sorceror's Tower came out just a few months ago - here are the four covers:

Ian'sFantastica.1 Ian'sFantastica.2 Ian'sFantastica.3Ian'sFantastica.4

1. Escape!


2. Under Siege


3. Race to the Ruins


4. The Heavy Crown

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