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The writing tips website ismy big community service for beginning writers, aspiring writers--and even experienced writers, according to the feedback I've been getting. It's a free guide to writing fantasy and SF - speculative fiction in general. It took me 4 months to produce, and it's as long as a short book, containing everything you need to know, from building suspense to point of view, from creating characters to developing action, from dialogue to setting, from climaxes to revision - and not forgetting the business of getting published (how to do it, how the system works, how to self-promote, etc.)

Or at least, it contains everything I know!

The main sections are:

I. GOOD WRITING HABITS (and good revising habits)

II. THE ELEMENTS (Action; Setting; Dialogue; and presenting the inner thoughts of characters)

III. CHARACTERS (including Point of View)

IV. STORY (telling a story; and momentum, pacing)

V. LANGUAGE (style, names, special ways of using language)

VI. GETTING PUBLISHED (and things to do after publication)


There's also a total continuous PDF file for downloading and printing.


So click here and check it out!




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