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3 SF thrillers in the Eddon and Vail Series:

1997 The Dark Edge (Pan Macmillan)

1998 Taken by Force (Pan Macmillan)

1999 Hidden from View (Pan Macmillan)

3 fantasy novels, YA and adult crossover, in the "Heaven and Earth" trilogy:

2000 Ferren and the Angel (Penguin)

2002 Ferren and the White Doctor (Penguin)

2003 Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven (Penguin)

The Vile Files: cult gothic:

1993 The Vicar of Morbing Vyle (Karl Evans Publishing, Aus.)

vile files

2004 The Black Crusade (Chimaera)


2009 Worldshaker (Allen & Unwin, Simon & Schuster (US) Templar (UK) Helium (France), Jacoby & Stuart (Germany), Ottava (Brazil))

worldshaker cover

2011 Liberator (Allen & Unwin, Simon & Schuster (US) Templar (UK) Helium (France), Jacoby & Stuart (Germany), Ottava (Brazil))

2013 Song of the Slums (Allen & Unwin (Aus) Helium (France), Jacoby & Stuart (Germany))

The Black Crusade won for the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel of 2004 and the Golden Aurealis Award for Best Novel in any category of Speculative Fiction.

Worldshaker won the Tam Tam Je Bouquine Prize of 2012(France)

Short Stories

“The Bath” (Bloodsongs, Aus)

“Little Yellow Pill” (Aurealis, Aus)

“The Procyon Plate” (Agog #1, Aus)

“The God at Ixtlan del Rio” (Wicked Hollow, US)

“New Talk” (Oceans of the Mind, US)

“The Devil in the Text” (Encounters anthology, Aus)

“The Purgatory Machine” (Borderlands, Aus)

“The Souvenir” (Elsewhere anthology, Aus)

“Catabolic Magic” (Aurealis, Aus)

“The Border” (Agog #3, Aus)

“The Greater Death of Saito Saku” (Agog #4, Aus)

“Touching Inside” (Escaping Elsewhere, US)

“A Quiet Place, An Earthen Mound” (Ethereal Gazettre, US)

“Crying Man” (Sinister Tales, US)

“On the Way to Habassan” (The Outcast anthology, Aus)

“Domestic Arrangements” (Cock, Aus)

“Pet” (Tales of the Talisman, US)

“Musgrave” (Shadow Plays anthology, Aus)

"Special Perceptions" (At Ease with the Dead anthology, Ash-tree Press, Canada; also translated into French and published in Ténebres, Paris; also re-published in Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction * Fantasy, ed Congreve & Marquardt, Mirrordanse, Aus)

"The Seventh Jar” (Tales of the Talisman, US)

“A Guided Tour in the Kingdom of the Dead” (Dreaming Again anthology, HarperCollins, Aus; re-published in Year’s Best Fantasy #9, ed Hartwell, US)

"The Widow's Face" (Masques anthology, Aus)

”The Fear" (Macabre anthology, Aus; re-published in Years Best Horror 2010, ed Datlow, US)

“Ceasing to be Visible” (Space & Time, US)

“Shakti” (Tales of the Talisman, US)

“Heart of the Beast” (The Wilful Eye anthology, ed Carmody & McNab, Aus)

“Bad Thoughts and the Mechanism” (Ghosts by Gaslight antho, HarperCollins, US)

“The Smilders of Wisserpolt” (Aiofe’s Kiss, US)

“At the Top of the Stairs” Shadows and Tall Trees, Canada); re-published in Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (Ticonderoga)

"An Exhibition of the Plague" (Anywhere But Earth antho, Aus)

“The Pesky Dead” (Aurealis, Aus)

“A Mother’s Love”, (Bloodstones antho, Aus)

"Ryder" (Dimension 6, Aus)

"Homebody" (Stange Bedfellows antho, Canada)

"The Kiss of Reba Maul" (Kisses by Clockwork antho, Aus)


“Catabolic Magic” won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story of 2004.

“The Greater Death of Saito Saku” won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story of 2005.

“The Fear” won the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Short Story of 2010.



2003 Walter Wants to be a Werewolf! (Penguin)

2005 Sassycat: The Night of the Dead (Omnibus/Scholastic)


2008 Four books in the Wolf Kingdom series (Omnibus/Scholastic)


1. Escape!

2 Under Siege

3. Race to the Ruins

4. The Heavy Crown

Shorter Fiction

2000 'The Day of the Rat" in Creepy Crawlies, Spin-outs Bronze (Longman)

2001 "Spike Strikes!' in Beast Feast, Thrillogies (Pearson)

2002 "Meet with the Aliens" in Reel Trouble, Spin-outs Sapphire (Longman)

2002 "Iseult" in The Road to Camelot, ed Sophie Masson (Random House)

2008 "The Thing in the Suitcase" in Trust Me!, ed Paul Collins (Ford St)

The Wolf Kingdom quartet won the Aurealis Award (with illustrator Laura Peterson) for Best Children's Illustrated Novel of 2008


Poems in New Poetry, Southern Review, Makar, Quadrant, The Bulletin, Poetry Australia, Westerly.

Prose Pieces in New Poetry, Nepean Review, Blacksmith, Westerly

Testimony (collected poems and prose pieces), 1981.

"Gunther Frick: A Critical and Boigraphical Survey" (mockumentary) in Westerly, 1987.

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1987 Superstructuralism: The Philosophy of Structuralism and Post-Structuralism (Methuen, UK)

1993 Beyond Superstructuralism: The Syntagmatic Side of Language (Routledge, UK)

1999 Literary Theory from Plato to Barthes (Macmillan, UK)




1975 "Intention and Critical Judgement" in Essays in Criticism, xxv, 2

1980 "Referential Distance and the Presentation of Experience in the Novel" in Southern Review XXIII

1981 "Derrida's Sign" in The Australian Journal of Screen Theory, Vols.13/14

1981 "The Age of the Bizarre" in Aspect, Issue 22

2000 "Syntagmatic Theory: An Overview", in Logos and Language, Vol.1, No.1




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