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On Writing
Writer Links

Talking about writing tips, there are many great GREAT writers of fantasy and speculative fiction in Australia - and many of them have websites loaded with useful information.



Try these for starters (in alphabetical order):


  Russell Blackford:
  Trudi Canavan:
  Paul Collins:
  Cory Daniels:
  Louise Cusack:
  Jack Dann: http://
  Stephen Dedman:
  Graeme Hague:
  Traci Harding:

  Amanda Holohan:


Robert Hood:
  Sophie Masson:
  Maxine McArthur:
  Chuck McKenzie:
  Sean McMullen:
  Caiseal Mor:
  Josephine Pennicott:
  Michael Pryor:
  Cameron Rogers:
  Cat Sparks:
  Kim Wilkins:





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