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front coverYes, it's an animal story! A serious animal story, seriously imagining what the world would be like from a cat's point of view.

It's a comedy too, especially with the secondary animal characters, e.g. Lorenzo, the sleazy lizard with an eye for the ladies, Thaddeus the cantankerous old possum, Darlene the loud vulgar screechy cockatoo, Witzer the yappy little terrier, Bernie the big old softie labrador, and the four rats who 'have a dream' of being taken in as pets ('why not, we can be just as cuddlesome and cute as any other animal?')

Sassycat herself is the essence of all superior self-regarding catliness!

(She reveals the secret of why cats are so superior - it's because they have so many highly successful dreams!)

I've always wanted to write an animal story, and especially a story about cats (I'm definitely a cat-person). The character of Sassycat is based on my own cat, Bibi, who just happens to have four white socks, like Sassycat, and a tail to die for.

What gave me the story was seeing Bibi 'spooked' one time. You know how cats can suddenly go stiff and alert, as though they're seeing something invisible to us? Suddenly I realised that this had to be a ghost story as well as an animal story. And cats, especially, have an affinity with the supernatural!

The supernatural side develops a whole new mythology of how the supernatural originates and functions, as understood by the animal characterss. I had great fun inventing that! Plus many new types of ghosts and entities, e.g. flat shadows that creep across floors and walls in the shape of human hands or arms or masklike faces; e.g black blister-like blobs that move along branches or rise up in the patterns of a carpet.

The supernatural entities are attempting a major invasion of our world and only the animals can prevent their army from spreading out from a nearby cemetery. (Humans, as usual, don't have a clue that they're under threat.) It all gets quite dark and eerie at times!

Suitable for readers age 10 to 14 - AND cat-lovers of any age!

Read extracts:

1. SASSYCAT, THAT'S ME (Chapter 1)





Published by Omnibus/Scholastic


Sassy Map

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