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The Dark Edge

Taken by Force

Hidden from View





At the place where science fiction meets thriller meets crime meets horror -- you will find --

Where no thriller has gone before.

A macabre murder case and a planet on the edge of disaster . . .

Inspector Eddon Brac, from Hegemony Central Police, and Vail ev Vessintor, his parapsych assistant, arrive on Independent Planet P-19 to investigate a series of horrifically violent killings.

They discover a society sliding into chaos -- terrifying nightmares, increasing darkness, storms of psychic energy . . .

As the murders multiply, the ultimate cause begins to appear as something far more sinister than just a single serial killer.

Eddon has the detective skills to deal with the practical evidence, Vail has the psychic talents to understand the seemingly supernatural. But tensions are driving them apart. Together they may be able to solve the horror on Independent Planet P-19 -- if first they can solve their own feelings for each other.

Published by Pan Macmillan, August 1997, and now on the shelves of bookshops everywhere.


Eddon observed by Vail
Vail awakens from Cryo-Sleep
History of Independent Planet P-19
Colours in the Air
The Victim in the Bath
Vail conducts a memoscopy




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