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The Dark Edge

Taken by Force

Hidden from View





VAIL AWAKENS FROM CRYO-SLEEP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Across in the next bath, the young woman stirred and made a noise in her throat like the purr of a cat. Her eyelids fluttered faintly, but she didn't open her eyes . . .

My assistant, Eddon thought with a grimace. Long greeny-black hair, pale face, a gash of purple lipstick. Her eyelashes were spangled with fluctuating chrysolite, and double rings of kohl circled her eyes like bullseye targets.

Immediately he remembered everything he hated about this assignment. It was the worst sort of crazy sicko murderer case -- the sort of case every detective at Central tried to avoid. Totally random killings that you either solved by chance or you didn't solve at all. And right out at the edge of the galaxy, on some insignificant frontier planet a million miles from anywhere. The only thing that could make it worse was being lumbered with a parapsych assistant who dressed like a ghoul and acted like a sorceress. And here she was.

Again she made the noise in her throat. Her bare arms unfolded and slipped to her sides, hands stroking over her hips. Her legs moved slowly in an undulating caressive motion. Under the gash of lipstick she seemed to be smiling.

Like a goddammed snake in the sun, he thought. How long is she going to stay comatose? It's almost as if she enjoys it.



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