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The Dark Edge

Taken by Force

Hidden from View





At the place where science fiction meets thriller meets crime meets horror -- you will find

A future time, a different world . . . and the planet Terra has colonised the whole known universe. Psychic science has advanced almost to the level of the physical sciences, weather artists compose a daily succession of skies and atmospheres. But a new kind of enemy has appeared on the edges of the universe, the mysterious Anti-Human. One by one, the far-flung colonies are being consumed, and even the Centre is starting to come under threat.

This is the background for the detective investigations of Eddon and Vail. In this future time, there are new techniques for solving murders - for example, a special scanner to ext ract the memories from a brain post mortem. But old-fashioned interviews, legwork and hunches are as necessary as ever.

Vail is the psychic expert who works as Eddon's assistant. She's tall and slinky, with an aristocratic background and a taste for Got h ic makeup. Eddon is a detective of the down-to-earth school-of-hard-knocks type, who dislike psychics on principle. But his feelings towards Vail are ambivalent . . .

In the 'Eddon and Vail' SF thrillers, this unlikely pair must investigate multiple ho mi cides in exotic settings. Different forms of investigation are required in each of the three novels: THE DARK EDGE, TAKEN BY FORCE and HIDDEN FROM VIEW. Even simple serial killings turn out to be something much more strange!

The Eddon + Vail series, published by Pan McMillan Australia



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