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Asmodai Appears to Miriael


Miriael was determined to stay awake all night. She lay motionless on the floor of the nest, eyes closed as if asleep. She was filled with an immense yearning, pulled out tight like stretched elastic. Hour after hour she waited . . .

The first thing she experienced was a soft golden glow on her eyelids. Then a warmth on her skin. As she lay there motionless, the warmth penetrated into her skin until she seemed to be glowing all through.

It was unutterable bliss. She felt that her heart would burst. Then the light changed. The golden glow became a pure white radiance. The radiance grew stronger and stronger. She opened her eyelids the tiniest fraction.

'I know you're awake, Miriael,' said a firm, gentle voice. 'You can look when you're ready.'

Her eyelids flew open - then snapped shut again. He was so incredibly bright. Her first image was only of a hovering globe with rays pouring forth like a wind. Her sight was no longer attuned to the intensity of spiritual light. She had spots behind her eyes.

It took many attempts and many blinkings before she could form a better impression. She saw a purple robe, sixfold wings, a silver circlet around his brow. He carried a kind of wand, a long clear cylindrical tube. The light spilling from the edges of his robe was like light spilling out of a crystal. Even without moving, he seemed to shimmer.

'I am the Seraph Asmodai,' he told her. 'Also known as the Tenth Angel of Strategy.'

She gazed in awe. She had seen male angels of greater power, but never one so beautiful. His face was dominated by great lambent eyes, his hair was like fine spun glass. The curls of his hair streamed out in the light.

'I've been visiting you,' he said. 'Did you know?'

She hardly heard the words. She was thinking of moral beauty, the special celestial beauty which was so superior to mere beauty of appearance. His heart was the very centre of his light, she knew. The centre of goodness, love and care . . .

Then she realised he was waiting for her to speak. She went back over his question and produced an answer.

'I knew in a dream. And someone observed you. But I was never awake myself.'

'No.' Asmodai understood why she was puzzled. 'I didn't want to wake you. This isn't an official visit.'

'Heaven didn't send you?'

'Nobody in Heaven knows about it. I'm sorry. I wish I could bring you an official message of reconciliation.'

Miriael was too full of joy to feel disappointment. 'But you've come anyway!'

'Yes. And in myself, so far as I can, I represent the love and mercy which Heaven ought to offer.'

'Thank you.' Miriael blinked, not solely from the brightness of his light.

'I've been watching over you,' he said. 'As often as I can get away.'


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