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Asmodai's Flying Wing Appears


It was midday when the attack finally began. The cloud rolled and swirled and pulled aside like a curtain. A mighty host of angels was revealed, rank upon rank, several hundreds of them. Inside their protective globes, they were almost too bright to look upon: white wings, golden hair, glittering breastplates.

One angel sailed out above the rest. He wore blue robes and carried a rod like a sceptre. His voice rang out like thunder.

'Solvant scelera! Let them pay for their crimes!'

Even at a distance of half a kilometre, Miriael and Shanna had to clap their hands over their ears. As the echoes died away, Miriael turned to explain.

'That's Baraquiel. Second in command of the Armies of the South. He's leading the Third Southern Battalion.'

The host of angels advanced with a wheeling motion. They regrouped vertically and formed a towering column of light. The column hung suspended above one of the telescopic structures on the plain.

Hypers and Queen-Hypers raised their weapons and fired off a shower of projectiles. But the column glowed with an overpowering radiance. Entering the radiance, the projectiles lost momentum and fell short.

Still the radiance intensified. A pure high note reverberated in the air like a chime. Then the whole force struck downwards. A hundred angels swept over the structure and loosed off simultaneous explosions of light.


Miriael and Shanna looked away, blinded by the dazzle. For a moment they heard only shrieks of pain. When they looked back, the defenders on top of the structure had been incinerated. They were fixed in position, fused to the steel tubes on which they crouched. Some still had their weapons raised, even as their charred bodies crumbled away.

The angels ascended again, except for three Cherubim. The Cherubim held burning sparks of red fire cupped in their hands. They drifted down among the tubes and vanished from view.

'What's happening now?' asked Shanna.

'They're searching for Plasmatics.'

'There are Plasmatics in the tubes?'

'Of course. Telescopic tubes that can extend or contract. The simplest way to disable the structure is to destroy the Plasmatics inside.'


. . . . .

The disabling of the structure began with a dull clang. One of the tubular legs telescoped inwards. Then another clang and a metal joint collapsed. The structure sagged and listed to the side.

Meanwhile the main host of angels had moved on. Now they formed a glowing column above a second structure. Again the defenders loosed off a shower of ineffectual projectiles, again the chime-like note reverberated in the air.

'Solvant scelera!' thundered Baraquiel. 'Let them pay for their crimes!'

But even as the column struck downwards, a shadow came racing across the sky. It was travelling very low and fast. Miriael and Shanna felt a sudden chill.


The explosions of light were dazzling, as before. But only for a split second. In the next second, the light was extinguished by a vast delta of darkness. Its leading edge sheered through the column, slicing protective globes like eggshells.

Then it slewed to a halt and made a roof over the sky. In the centre of the darkness was a pale oval like an eye. Shanna gasped.

'It's Asmodai, isn't it?'

Miriael nodded, unable to utter a word. She stared at the oval as the dark dream returned. It was like a cruel cold hand gripping her heart. She couldn't see Asmodai inside the oval, but she could imagine him there. Her beautiful angel, her tempter, her betrayer . . .

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