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Zonda Gives Ferren An Invitation


Only Zonda, Ferren and Kiet remained in the cave. Ferren turned to Zonda as she dropped her hand.

'Why? What is it?'

Kiet was aware of Zonda's disdainful stare upon her. She felt herself shrivelling up inside - but still she wouldn't leave. She turned to the wall and pretended to be studying the scratch-marked slabs of stone.

She was afraid Zonda would say something cutting. But when Zonda spoke, it was in answer to Ferren.

'Breakfast might be ready.' She laughed. 'But I didn't smell it.'

'Then why . . ?'

'I wanted to talk to you alone. About this leader's cave.'

'What about it?'

'You're a leader too.' Zonda lowered her voice. 'You can share it with me.'

Kiet could hardly believe what she thought she'd heard. She fought the urge to turn around. Had she imagined it? She held her breath and strained her ears.

'I thought I'd be sharing with Miriael and Shanna.' Ferren's voice was a little lower too.

'You can do better than that.'

'They're as much leaders as I am. I wouldn't want to set myself up as more important.'

'I'm not inviting them. I'm inviting you.'

Kiet almost gasped, it was so blatant. Couldn't Ferren see what she was doing? Or perhaps he saw it and liked it? Next thing, she'd be inviting him right into her bed!

'Of course, we can make a separate hollow for your bed.' Zonda laughed again. 'If that's what you want. But this one's very comfortable.'

There was a soft thump and a rustle of rushes. What was she doing? Surely she couldn't? Not now, not while there was someone else present!

Kiet's memory flashed back to what Zonda had once told her. He used to creep up at night just to lie pressed against me. He was desperate for it.

She couldn't hold back any longer. She whirled around to confront them.

Zonda was lying stretched out on the rushes. But still fully clothed. And Ferren still stood beside the diagram.

Kiet took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. Her pulse was racing. Zonda glowered at her, Ferren gave her a curious look.

'I'm hungry,' she said. 'I'm going to see if breakfast is ready.'

There was just a hint of unsteadiness in her voice. She looked at Ferren. 'Are you coming?'

The next second seemed to last a lifetime. Ferren wavered. Kiet could have hated him in that moment.


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