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Ascending To Heaven


They were almost at the base of the tower. Suddenly, eight immense telescopic tubes reared up, looming out of the mist. They crouched down low and advanced with caution.

Now they could see smaller diagonal tubes criss-crossing between the main tubes, forming a network of metal. Platforms moved in a continuous cycle, going up empty on one side, coming down empty on the other.

Ferren gave the signal and they darted forward in a final sprint. Ferren mounted the first available platform, along with Miriael, Shanna and half a dozen others. A second group filled a second platform. Then a third and a fourth.

The speed of the ascent was terrifying. Gigantic grey shadows of tubes rushed past in the whiteness. The cables creaked, the platforms shook and rattled under their feet. There were no walls or railings to fence them in.

'Don't look down!' warned Miriael.

Some of the Residuals were starting to sway outwards, dizzy with vertigo. Other Residuals pulled them back. Turning away from the edge, everyone linked arms and held on tight.

Higher and higher they went. The air grew chill and a breeze started to blow. The whole tower tilted perceptibly from side to side.

'Not very solid!' Ferren called out to Miriael.

'It's designed to adjust itself to the wind,' answered Miriael. 'There are Plasmatics inside those telescopic tubes.'

Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes - and still they were going up. They couldn't even begin to grasp their height above the ground. As the shadowy tubes rushed past, they could almost imagine they were standing motionless while the tower moved.

The trance was broken by a strange swooshing sound. Like a great wave, it passed by in the cloud. Not close, but vast.

'What was that?'

A few minutes later, it came again. Then a third time. It hissed past at different heights, in different directions. Where it went, the cloud seemed to become a little thinner.

Shanna had slung Peeper's frame on a cord across her back. When the swoosh flew past for the fourth time, Peeper broke into an agitated, high-pitched wail.

Miriael bent her head to listen. 'He senses the presence of other Morphs,' she reported grimly.

Ferren understood at once. 'Asmodai's flying wing!'

They caught sight of it on its next appearance. Only the flash of a wingtip - like a black fin in the white vapour. They gasped as it sheered past, from right to left. Fortunately, Asmodai's globe remained masked.

'He's focussing the spiritual energy of the Morphs against the energy of the cloud,' muttered Miriael.

Large gaps began to appear in the vapour. Now the platform ascended through layers of clear sky interspersed with layers of cloud. How much further? If Asmodai flew past when the platforms were exposed . . .

They'd been waiting so long, it seemed they would never arrive. Then came a sudden change, like entering a tunnel. Dark walls surrounded them, sounds boomed, the air grew warm. Great bolts fastened the tubes to the walls of the shaft.

'Is this it?' Ferren cried in Miriael's ear.

Miriael was staring. 'It's the foundation of Heaven.'


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