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Fighting with Hypers


They were still scanning the empty sky when urgent calls came from the other end of the box. Ferren whirled.

'Get down!'

'They're heading this way!'

'Down! Down!'

The Residuals were abandoning their louvres and sinking to the floor. Ferren, Miriael and Neb did the same.

In the next moment, the steel walls resounded with bumps and thumps and clattering. Black shapes moved in the louvres, blocking the light on one side of the box.

Ferren crept along the floor to rejoin the others. He didn't need to ask what was happening. The Humen front line had drawn back as far as their own hideout. Now Hypers were using the overturned machine as a defensive barrier. He could hear the snarls of their voices and occasional bursts of gunfire. The black shapes were their rubber-clad legs and midriffs.

The crouching Residuals whispered among themselves. The Hypers' attention was entirely upon the advancing angels. They weren't likely to look in through the louvres. But some of the Residuals wanted to take a more active role.

'Shoot them through the louvres,' suggested Zonda. 'We could wipe them out before they know we're here.'

'Yeah,' agreed Kiet. 'Sabotage behind the lines. That's what we came to do.'

Ferren looked round from face to face. There were many eager nods and no-one clearly opposed. Miriael nodded approval too.

'Okay, we'll do it,' he whispered. 'Choose your target. Wait for my signal.'

The Residuals poised on their heels, directed their guns. Ferren swung his arm.


It was an instant eruption. Everyone leaped up, pushed the nozzles of their guns into the louvres, loosed off shot after shot. Ferren fired at a leg, heard a scream, swivelled and fired at another.

The steel box rang like a bell. Dart-guns, spike-guns, tracer-guns, flamethrowers . . . Every Residual claimed at least one victim. There were yells of triumph as the Hypers tumbled. The psychic deposits in their bodies exploded to create a kind of firestorm. The air was filled with a smell of smoke and burning.

When the firestorm cleared, the Residuals looked out through the louvres. All that remained was a shambles of shattered bodies. A few torsos were still moving and twitching, but the Residuals took aim and finished them off.

Soon there were no survivors within a radius of thirty metres. The Residuals cheered and waited for the angels to rush up on the other side. But the angels were slow to seize their opportunity.

'Where are they?' cried Miriael. 'What's wrong with them?'

Beyond the zone of destruction, the Hypers had reformed in a menacing ring. Light gleamed in their eyeslits, metal teeth showed in their mouthslits. They knew now where their secret enemies were hidden - and they intended revenge.

'Keep firing!' yelled Ferren. 'Keep them back!'

But the Hypers were too numerous. They raced forward in a wave, shooting from the hip. The Residuals fired frantically, with hardly a moment to aim.

The fighting turned into a contest for possession of the louvres. The Hypers tried to force their guns in through the slots, clashing barrel against barrel. The Residuals tried to shoot at the arms that held the guns. Sometimes they wrenched at the Hyper's weapons with their bare hands.

Pedge of the Skinfellows howled as a blast of tracer-fire took away his jaw. Tunks of the People gurgled and collapsed with a dart in his throat. Pinnet of the Nesters flung herself onto the nozzle of a flamethrower, blocked out the flame with her own chest. Shrieks of pain . . . shouts of desperation . . . the crash and rattle of guns . . .

And then suddenly it stopped. The Hypers withdrew their guns and vanished. The Residuals were left fighting thin air.

As the clamour died down, a new sound could be heard. It was the sound of angels singing. There was a sense of radiance outside, a brightness filtering in through the louvres.

The Residuals hardly dared to believe it. Kiet was the first to look out.

'They've arrived!' she exclaimed, half laughing and half crying. 'We're surrounded by angels.'


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