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Enter a world of angels & apocalypse
Ferren and the Angel



Cover artist: David Altheim



Every night in the sky overhead, fearful battles take place in the Millennial War between Heaven and Earth. Every night, the people of Ferren's tribe lie trembling in terror.

Then a Junior Angel called Miriael crashes to the Earth. When Ferren discovers Miriael still alive, her strange radiant beauty takes his breath away.

Miriael teaches Ferren about the world he lives in. Ferren's tribe is descended from the original human beings, but they have preserved only a few myths and objects from the 'Good Times' of long ago.

For the tribe, contact with a Celestial is punishable by exile. When Ferren is found out, he is driven forth into a world of burning hills, overbridges, Morphs - and the military camp of the sinister 'Humen'.

As the War builds up and up, Ferren and his tribe are drawn into vast events beyond their control. On the Humen side are Doctors, Hypers and Plasmatics. On the Heavenly side are Seraphim, Cherubim and the greatest of archangels like Uriel.

The final outcome hangs on the choices of Ferren and Miriael . . .


Ferren and the Angel is published by Penguin



- from best-selling author, Isobelle Carmody:

'Ferren and the Angel is that rare thing, a profoundly original fantasy that is at the same time, funny, tender and wise. A lovely gem of a book.'


- from Ian Irvine, author of the View from the Mirror quartet:

'Captivating, dazzlingly original fantasy.'


- and from Van Ikin, reviewing in the The Sydney Morning Herald:

'I've always been a Richard Harland fan, but in this book he had outdohimself. This is a full-scale wide-screen production, brimming with special effects and fast-paced action.'






"A lovely gem of a book."

- Isobelle Carmody.


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Ferren and the Angel

Ferren & the Angel


Ferren and the White Doctor

Ferren & the White Doctor


Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven

Ferren & the Invasion of Heaven


Ferren's World

Ferren's World


About Angels

About Angels




Extracts from the First book in the Heaven & Earth Trilogy ...
Ferren sees an Angel fall to Earth ... Miriael teaches Ferren about the World ...
Myths and Sacred Objects ... Forest of the Morphs ...



- Ferren Home - Ferren and the Angel - Ferren and the White Doctor - Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven -

The FERREN series is published by Penguin Books Australia




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