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Continuing the apocalyptic battle between the armies of Earth and the armies of Heaven in


    Cover artist: David Altheim  


The story begins six months after the end of Ferren and the Angel. Ferren and Miriael travel from tribe to tribe, encouraging the Residuals to join together in a Residual Alliance. They visit the tribe of the Nesters, who live near a mysterious City of the Dead, and the tribe of the Sea-Folk, who are at war with a flock of seagulls.

Meanwhile, a terrifying new threat looms. A single Doctor marches in to take control of the Humen Camp at Bankstown. A giant in size, Doctor Saniette aims to become the sole worldwide leader of all Humen forces. He brings with him an army of Queen-Hypers and other newly developed secret weapons.

Ferren and Miriael are helped by Kiet, a fierce young woman from the tribe of Nesters. Ferren is torn between his old feelings for Miriael and his new feelings for Kiet.

Miriael herself is attracted to Asmodai, a beautiful male angel who visits her in secret. Asmodai offers to help Miriael reestablish contact with Heaven. He too shares a dream of cooperation between Heaven and the Residuals. The story builds up to a shocking revelation, a desperate rescue and a final confrontation with 'the white Doctor'.


Published in paperback by Penguin.



- from acclaimed writer of children's and adult fantasy, Sophie Masson:

'Exuberance, excitement and a growing sense of romance mark this wonderful sequel to Ferren and the Angel . . . The warmth and fun of Richard Harland's creation, the uniquely developed sense of his world, the vividness of his extraordinary characters, are all part of the compulsive charm of what is a most unusual and engaging series.'





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Ferren and the Angel

Ferren & the Angel


Ferren and the White Doctor

Ferren & the White Doctor


Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven

Ferren & the Invasion of Heaven


Ferren's World

Ferren's World


About Angels

About Angels



Extracts from the Second book in the Heaven & Earth Trilogy...
The City of the Dead ... Asmodai Appears to Miriael ... Kiet Dances with Ferren ...
Doctor Saniette Marches In ... The War against the Seagulls ...

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The FERREN series is published by Penguin Books Australia




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