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all part of the spectacular climax to Ferren's story in FERREN AND THE INVASION OF HEAVEN.


    Cover artist: David Altheim  


Asmodai, the twice-fallen angel, now dominates the air with his flying wing of Morphs. When he takes over leadership of the Humen, his aim is to rule both Heaven and Earth.

On the Earth, Ferren has at last united all the remaining tribes of human beings in a Residual Alliance. But Skail (from Ferren and the White Doctor) has become a representative in the Residual assembly, with cunning political ambitions of his own. The unity of the Alliance is under threat almost before it's begun.

Zonda (from Ferren and the Angel) is a representative too, from Ferren's home tribe of the People. She's attracted to Ferren all over again. Naturally she doesn't expect Kiet to stand in her way.

When Ferren and the assembly are forced to flee, they hide with the People. They also take shelter with the Fusselfolk, who inhabit a shifting rolling beach of fur-snails.

Miriael travels to Heaven many times in the attempt to combine Celestial and Residual forces. She visits several Altitudes and speaks to a War Council of the very highest archangels.

When Asmodai's armies invade and conquer a part of the First Altitude, Ferren and his friends secretly ascend into Heaven by an immense tower. They plan to sabotage Asmodai's armies from behind, but get into a fight with Hyper soldiers. They end up playing a decisive role in the greatest battle of the whole Millennial War.

FERREN AND THE INVASION OF HEAVEN is the final volume of the Heaven and Earth trilogy.


Published in paperback by Penguin.




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Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven

Ferren & the Invasion of Heaven


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