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Heaven and Earth trilogy


Fantasy fiction for everyone - from Adult to Young Adult


Ferren lives one thousand years in the future from now. Progress has ended and the world has gone backwards. But Ferren knows almost nothing about it.

He doesn't know that, early in the 21st Century, medical scientists invented a technology to bring dead people back to life - and then heard them report that they'd really been to Heaven, really seen angels. When scientists sent teams of psychonauts to investigate, they triggered the Millennial War between Heaven and Earth.

First came the period known as the Rising of the Undead, when recently arrived souls were driven out from Heaven, back to their dead buried bodies. This was a terrible period of marauding murdering corpses, which emptied cities and devastated every nation on the Earth.

Then came a period of phony peace and negotiations, while scientists secretly manipulated Heaven into Earthly space and time. When the golden battlements and green hills of Heaven appeared in the sky, thousands of people flew up to see the sights. The result was the Great Collapse, when huge portions of Heaven fell down onto the Earth, causing terrible fires. The same fires are still burning across Asia and Europe, nearly nine hundred years later.

The Great Collapse changed everything. On Heaven's side, God retreated in disgust behind impenetrable clouds, leaving a War Council of the highest archangels to continue the war. On the side of the Earth, artificial types of being displaced real human beings.

These artificial types, called Humen, include Doctors (shrivelled brains maintained only by life support systems), Plasmatics (combining organic nerves and muscles with machinery) and Hypers (clad in black rubber, composed of an inanimate material, fueled by injections of living memories and experiences).

The real human beings, like Ferren himself, survive in small isolated tribes, ignorant, fearful and despairing. At regular times, the Humen take away one or more member from each tribe for what they call 'military service'.

This is the world Ferren has been born into. He still knows almost nothing about it - but he's about to find out. When he does, the world will change forever.


The three books in the Ferren trilogy are

  Ferren and the Angel
  Ferren and the White Doctor
  Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven


Praise from multi-award winning author, Jack Dann:

'Harland is a wonderful writer - funny and satirical - he will take you to some pretty weird and wild places.'


The background of the trilogy is drawn from traditional lore about angels and Heaven, also known as angelology. It took me ten years to do the research before starting work on Ferren and the Angel, and I'm still learning more all the time.

There's so much fascinating material hidden away in forgotten books and old sources! I've included a selection of little known facts about angels, archangels, fallen angels, Heaven and Hell.


Ferren and the Angel

Ferren & the Angel


Ferren and the White Doctor

Ferren & the White Doctor


Ferren & the Invasion of Heaven


Ferren's World


Angelology and more

About Angels




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The FERREN series is published by Penguin Books Australia




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