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Heaven as a whole has 196 provinces. There are seven Heavens, or seven Levels or Altitudes of Heaven. 64 angelic wardens have charge of the Heavenly Halls.

The First Level is closest to the Earth. It contains the storehouses of clouds, snow, ice and dew. Here dwell the guardian angels and the 200 angels of the stars. Gabriel is the ruling prince of this level.

The Second Level is sometimes thought to house sinners awaiting judgement. The ruling princes are Zachariel and Raphael.



The Third Level produces manna, which is the food of angels. It is the seat of the Upper Paradise, a Heavenly version of the Garden of Eden. Its northern regions may also contain the Hell or Gehenna where fallen angels live in torment. The ruling prince of this level is Anahel.

The Fourth Level contains the Great Winds. The Heavenly Jerusalem is often located here, a city in the shape of a perfect cube, with twelve gates of pearl. Michael is the ruling prince.

The Fifth Level has either Sandalphon or Samael as its ruling prince.

The Sixth Level is the domain of the Angels of Time, and the Angels of Seas, Rivers and Crops. Zachiel is the ruling prince.

The Seventh Level is closest to God and the home of ineffable light. Here dwell the Angels of the Presence, also known as the Angels of the Face. Cassiel is the ruling prince.




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