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When God created humankind, He required all angels to bow down before the new creation. Satan (or Eblis, in Islamic lore) refused to humble himself, and led his followers into rebellion.

Satan in his original angelic form is sometimes equated with Samael, one of the highest-ranking archangels. The angel Samael is described as having twelve wings, and is associated with poison and death.

The Order of Powers and the Order of Potentates supplied a large proportion of Satan's followers.

The idea that Satan became -- or controlled -- the serpent which tempted Eve does not feature in the Bible. The identification was made by later theologians of the Middle Ages.



Although Satan is sometimes called Beelzebub and Mephistopheles, these names really belong to two of his chief lieutenants in Hell. Beelzebun was one of the cherubim before his fall. Other important figures in Hell include:

  • Belphegor (originally from the Order of Principalities)
  • Leviathan (originally a seraph), and
  • Lilith (a kind of demon who was Adam's first wife, before Eve)


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