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Enter a World of Angels and Apocalypse

What if the Third Millenium began with the ultimate medical discovery - a way to bring the dead back to life?

What if the dead reported the existence of a real Heaven, with eternal Gardens and Halls and Cities, with Blessed Souls and Great Patriarchs and nine Orders of angels?

What if scientific attempts to explore the heavenly realm led to an ultimate war between Heaven and Earth, until one whole section of Heaven crashed down and destroyed all of Asia and Europe?

What if Earth ended up under the control of a new evil species, while the original human beings were reduced to slavery -- or worse?


This is the kind of world that Ferren has been born into. Only he doesn't yet know it . .



Ferren and his tribe, the People, live in the Sydney basin not far from Campbelltown. But the Sydney metropolis has been destroyed, so that only a few ruins remain. Large areas have been taken over by grassland, forest, ferns and lantana.

Other areas are strangely artificial, modified by the Humen in the course of the Millenial War. There are incandescent hills, deep echoing wells, carved giant steps, cliffs clamped in metal bands, a valley of blood-red dust.

Previously, the greatest battles have taken place on other continents, but now Australia is becoming the focus of the War. The mightiest of all Humen Camps is not far from where Ferren lives, a fortified military-industrial site known as the Bankstown Complex. Another force is building up under Doctor Saniette in the North-West of Western Australia.

The Millenial War has also made huge changes in the geography of the world as a whole. A map shows the geographical changes. A timeline details the main historical events of the War over the thousand years following our own 21st Century.



Ferren and the Angel

Ferren & the Angel


Ferren and the White Doctor

Ferren & the White Doctor


Ferren & the Invasion of Heaven


Ferren's World


Angelology and more

About Angels




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