Richard Harland

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Why can't Walter be a werewolf? Everyone else in the Grimm family is. His mother and father change into beautiful hairy wolves every time there's a full moon. His brother Stefan and sister Sigrid are lean and athletic, the best in every sport at Brindaby School.

But Walter is different - big and slow and clumsy. Nothing has ever happened when he goes out under the light of the full moon. Is he just a late developer?

Things get even worse when he does begin to change. What are those horrible smooth hard patches on his skin? Not werewolf fur, that's for sure!

Dr Van Fang has been a vampire and a doctor for five hundred years, and he's never seen anything like it. Walter will have to stay hidden in his bedroom whenever there's a full moon.Even on the most important night of the year, the night of the Brindaby Interstate Werewolf Carnival!

So here he is in his bed, home all alone. But who are those people whispering downstairs? Why are they wearing balaclavas and carrying torches?

Only Walter can defend the family house! Only Walter can uphold the family honour!


Read the extracts from Walter Wants to be a Werewolf:


Walter Under the Full Moon (Chapter 1)

Burglars in the House


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